Adler: Crafting Excellence in Amusement, One Experience at a Time.

  • In 1993,

    Adler was founded with the establishment of the Beijing Great Wall Toy Factory, focusing on the research and development of recreational equipment for Chinese children and adolescents.

    In 2000,

    Adler expanded its operations by purchasing land in Tongzhou, Beijing, to construct a modern industrial factory. The company introduced cutting-edge technology to establish a large-scale production line, earning approval from China's National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

    By 2011,

    Adler had secured over a dozen design patents and became a respected member of several industry associations, including the China Amusement Machine Association, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), and the China Toys and Juvenile Products Association.

    In 2014,

    Adler's polyurethane (PU) materials were introduced to amusement parks market-wide, earning CE certification from the European Union Quality Certification Center. This achievement led to strategic collaborations with renowned real estate brands in China such as Wanda, Evergrande, Suning, Yintai Department Store, and Green Land, as well as partnerships with large-scale chain amusement parks like Jiawen Park, Big White Whale, Kid Bar, and Youyoutang.

  • By 2018,

    Adler had extended its reach overseas, signing cooperation agreements with children's amusement parks in countries like Singapore, Russia, and Malaysia.

    In 2021,

    Adler optimized its Beijing Marketing Center, integrating the philosophy of Adler "only produces excellence" into every aspect of its operations, from research and design to production and installation. After a year of dedicated effort, Adler had created over 100 high-quality case studies, spread across more than 200 cities in China. Simultaneously, Adler developed a series of premium products, committed to providing customers with a one-stop solution for top-tier amusement parks.

    In 2023,

    Adler established a branch in Shanghai, fostering strong industry collaborations, expanding its team, enhancing its overseas business, and improving its indoor amusement park activities. The company also focused on decor innovation and refinement, deepening its commitment to cultural tourism and outdoor non-powered segments to meet market demands, aiming to provide a truly comprehensive one-stop service.

  • Premium Indoor Amusement Equipment - Direct from the Manufacturer


    Experience unmatched quality and value with our extensive array of indoor amusement equipment.

    Professionally designed and safety-certified, backed by comprehensive after-sales service




    Welcome to our state-of-the-art 30,000 square meters manufacturing hub. As a leading manufacturer with rich experience in amusement equipment production, we offer a diverse range of products, assuring strong selection flexibility. Our direct sales model eliminates middlemen, delivering premium quality at an unbeatable cost-performance ratio.


    Design and Development


    Our professional in-house Research & Development team boasts over a decade of industry experience. We're dedicated to constant innovation and creating new structures, designed strictly according to your venue's area, height, local market consumption level, and budget. Our goal? To custom design an amusement park exclusively for you.


    Quality and Safety


    We adhere to stringent procurement standards, ensuring eco-friendly materials for our products - a commitment that brings peace of mind to parents and safety to children. Our rigorous design norms, manufacturing standards, and factory inspections guarantee a low return rate, requiring minimal maintenance over a long usage cycle. Protective soft packaging is integrated into our products, providing full-scale protection. The scientific layout of our product structure, coupled with advanced manufacturing processes, ensures high-quality production and reliable, long-lasting performance.


    After-Sales Service


    We extend a year-long warranty service, supported by a hundred-member installation and after-sales team. Our quick-response after-sales solutions, employee training on equipment use, and gameplay ensure a smooth ride for your amusement park.